Call for Papers

FoITIC 2017 is 1st international conference, workshop and exhibition organized by Faculty of Industrial Technology Itenas Bandung, Indonesian Society for Reliability, and Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Indonesia – Society on Social Implication of Technology Chapter (IEEE Indonesia SSIT Chapter). FoITIC 2017 is inviting researcher, engineers, goverment officers, company delegates to submit and present their work. All accepted papers will be published in Conference Proceeding (CD and online) and selected presented papers (based on review) will be proposed to publish in an international journal indexed by Scopus.


Climate change, growing populations and limited fossil fuel resources mean that demand for renewable energy continues at an ever-increasing rate. Presently, renewable energy is the main topic in every discussion concerning energy sustainability, security and affordability.

The reliability of mechanical system, electrical system, electronic system and other components, which is usually operated under harsh and highly fluctuated environment conditions, pays a very important role to renewable energy systems. In fact, the reliability performance has significant impact on the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and customer satisfaction, so it can be said as a challenge for the penetration of renewable energy in modern electrical grids.
In line with its increasing commitment to the development of renewable and sustainable energy to reduce the dependency to fossil energy, Faculty of Industrial Technology Itenas in cooperation with Indonesian Society for Reliability and IEEE Indonesia SSIT Chapter (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Indonesia Society on Social Implication of Technology Chapter) invites academics, researchers, engineers, government officers and company delegates from the field of energy, both conventional and non-conventional, to gather, present and share the results of their research and/or work and discuss strategies for the future utilization of renewable and sustainable energy through the 1st Faculty of Industrial Technology Itenas Congress 2017 (FoITIC 2017). The theme of the 1st FoITIC 2017 is “Towards reliable renewable and sustainable energy system: challenges and opportunities”. We do hope that strong network for future research and practical collaboration in field of renewable energy and others will be built and developed.

List of Topics

The recommended topics for this conference are available below, but not limited to:

  • Renewable energy resources assessment
  • Producing and storing renewable electricity (solar energy, wind energy, biomass, fuel cells, geothermal energy, energy from wastes, hydro and ocean energy, nuclear energy)
  • Renewable energy grid integration & distribution: utilities of the future
  • Renewable energy integration: smart grid and storage
  • Renewable cities and community power programs
  • Off-grid & rural energy access
  • Electric power and energy efficiency
  • From laboratory to the real world renewable energy system
  • Development and application of technology with energy saving capability
  • Automation and measurement technologies
  • Multidisciplinary modeling and simulation in renewable energy field
  • Computer aided engineering
  • Computing technology for sustainable industrial system
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Renewable energy education
  • Renewable energy infrastructure
  • Renewable energy in biosystems engineering
  • Renewable energy economics and management
  • Renewable energy program risk assessment and management
  • Reliability of renewable energy system
  • Nanotechnology in renewable energy field
  • Material technology for renewable energy system
  • Green manufacturing technology
  • Green architecture and buildings
  • Sustainable transportation system
  • Environmental technologies
  • Other relevant topics


  • Faculty of Industrial Technology, Institut Teknologi Nasional (Itenas) – Bandung, Indonesia.
  • Indonesian Society for Reliability (ISR).
  • Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Indonesia – Society on Social Implication of Technology Chapter (IEEE Indonesia SSIT Chapter).


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