Accepted Abstract

List of Accepted Abstract Title:

    1. Optimal Scheduling for Dynamic Loads Using Direct Method
    2. A Simple Method to Solve Economic Dispatch
    3. The Development of Investment Casting Technology for the Manufacture of Import Substitution Casting Products by Using of Local Raw Materials
    4. Monitoring Temperature and Humidity Wireless Realtime-Based LabVIEW
    5. Analyzing of wave energy resource in Gulf of Cadiz, Spain
    6. Computational and Experimental Study on Heat Transfer of Air Cooled Eddy Current Dynamometer
    7. Integrated Weigh Identification System of Freight Transport using RFID Card
    8. Study of Optimum Design of Cooling Part of Air Cooled Eddy Current Dynamometer Using Computational Heat Transfe
    9. Distribution of Direct and Diffuse Radiation on Bawean Island, East Java, Indonesia
    10. The Effect of Woven Roving Fiberglass Total Layers on Resin Infusion Time in Vacuum Infusion Process
    11. Effect of Air Gap on Armature Voltage on Axial Flux Permanent-Magnet Generator ac by Using NdFeB 53
    12. Investigation of Land Subsidence in Bandung River Basin Based on Sentinel Satellite Image
    13. Off-grid Renewable Energy Program for Sustainable Rural Electrificatio
    14. Realization and Key Analysis on Blockchain Bitcoin
    15. Investigation of Classification Algorithm for Land Cover Mapping in Oil Palm Area Using Optical Remote Sensing
    16. Utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Making Photo Map in the Coastal Area
    17. Storage-Integrated Hybrid Renewable Energy Optimization to Reduce Intermittency in Weak Grids
    18. Investigation of Land Cover Classification in Oil Palm Area Based on ALOS PALSAR 2 Image
    19. Evaluation and Performance Improvement Curve25519 On Tex-Secure Security With Binary Library
    20. Video Compression Performance Evaluation Over LTE Network
    21. Conversion of Gliserol As Cetane Booster on Biodiesel Synthesis Based On Green Chemistry
    22. Aero-hidroponic products for rural forest farming
    23. Hybrid System Solution for Off Grid and Rural Energy Access in Indonesia
    24. New trends in solar thermal and photovoltaic applications
    25. A Record-to Record Travel Algorithm to Solve The Multi-Depot Heterogeneous fleet Vehicle Routing Problem
    26. Object Oriented Simulation For Improving Unloading And Loading Process At Tanjung Priok Port
    27. Comparison Study of Solar Flat Plate Collector With Two Different Absorber Materials
    28. Exploration of Plastic PVC Material for Jewelry Accessories
    29. Invention of Glass Bottle Waste Musical Instrument
    30. Task Assessment as Learning Tools to Meet Actual Architectural Issues
    31. Application of “Stilasi” Techniques in Motif Various as a Method for Improving Creative Ability of Small -Medium Entreprise (SME) Of Footwear Industry
    32. Proposed Ideas For Preventing Operational Risk On PT. Global Indo Pangan’s Supply Chain Using House Of Risk 1 Method*
    33. Effect of combustion saturated and unsaturated fatty acids pure vegetable oil for noise
    34. Redesigning Layout to Minimize Material Handling at The Boiler Manufacturing Company
    35. Utilization of Bottle Plastic Waste at Community Level through Gamification Method
    36. Fixed Bed Pyrolysis of Biomass Solid Wastes for Bio-fuels in Brunei Darussalam
    37. Alumni Face Recognition Using Fisherface Method
    38. Implementation of Body Surface Area for Counting Human Weight Using Image Processing
    39. Implementation of Speeded Up Robust Features (SURF) Algorithm for Traffic Signs Recognition
    40. Automated Sorting System of Tomatoes Based on Ripeness Level and Size Using Fuzzy Model
    41. Recognition the Ripeness Level of Tomatoes Based on Color Image in Case Study Development of Automated Sorting System
    42. Recognition of Tomatoes Size Based on Digital Image in Case Study Development of Automated Sorting System
    43. Characteristic of Taperless Blade Wind Turbine
    44. Stress And Displacement Analysis On Communal Horizontal Composter 40 Kg Capacity Using Solidwork
    45. Development Control System Of Power Shifting To Improve Load Factor In Hems Application
    46. Development Control System Of Parallel Inverter by Reconfiguration PV Circuit Using Fuzzy Logic on Islanding Microgrid
    47. An experimental model for piezoelectric cantilever beam for energy harvesting
    48. Building a Decision Support System (DSS) for Banking Credit Application using Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) Method (Case Study: BPR Syariah)
    49. Making Automatic Unloading Tools On The Goodway Gv-500 Machine
    50. Comparison of Datasheets for Solar PV module
    51. Investigation of Flow Field Modeling on Gasoline Direct Injection Engine of Motor Cycles
    52. Development of a Drowsiness Detector based on the Duration of Eye closure using A Low-Cost EMG
    53. A Study on the Spray Characteristics of an 800kPa CNG Port Injector
    54. Experimental investigation on combustion and emission of CI engine fueled with gasoline-biodiesel blends in early injection HCCI mode
    55. Evolutionary Design of Melamine – Urea Formaldehyde Resin towards Lower Formaldehyde Emission for Medium Density Fiberboard Application
    56. Influence of Configuration Steam Ejector – LRVP on Geothermal Power Plant 55 MW Capacity
    57. Simulation of Water Flow Distribution on Low Head Picohydro Capacity 2 kW
    58. Effect of Temper Parameters in Hardness and Impact Energy of Q&T Steel
    59. Implementation of Digital Communication System on DSK TMS320C6713
    60. Robust Indirect Adaptive Control Using RLS for DC Motor
    61. Design and Optimization of Hybrid Power Plant in Household Scales Using Homer Models
    62. Higher Education Engineering: A New Holistic Paradigm
    63. Analysis of Reliability Pressure Safety Valve On Separator Using Weibull Distribution Method
    64. Study of Hybrid “Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine” System Using Homer Program for Regional Cidahu Central – District Kuningan
    65. Implementation of Vigenere Cipher with Euler Key Generator to Secure Text Document
    66. Comparative Performance of Several Fixed Bed Dryer Arrangement for Seaweed Product Drying