The 1st Faculty of Industrial Technology International Congress (FoITIC 2017)

The 1st Faculty of Industrial Technology International Congress (FoITIC 2017)

The theme for the 1st FoITIC 2017 “Toward Reliability Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems: Challenges and Opportunities”, is very relevant with the current hot issues about climate change, growing populations and limited fossil fuel resources.

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ISBN 978-602-53531-8-5

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Table Of Content

Preface: The Rector of Itenas Bandung
Preface: The Dean of Faculty of Industrial Technology/ Chairman of FoITIC2019
Keynote and invited speaker International Conference


New trends in solar thermal and photovoltaic applications

István Farkas


Distribution of Direct and Diffuse Radiation on Bawean Island, East Java, Indonesia

Yusuf Suryo Utomo


Comparison Study of Solar Flat Plate Collector With Two Different Absorber Materials

Amrizal, Amrul, Ahmad Yonanda,Zulfa


Hybrid System Solution for Off Grid and Rural Energy Access in Indonesia

Soeripno Martosaputro and Eduardus Jonathan


An Experimental Model Piezoelectric Cantilever Beam for Energy Harvesting

Aditya Sukma Nugraha and Sapdo Utomo


Design and Optimization of Hybrid Power Plant in Household Scales Using Homer Models

Ibrahim Syaharuddin, Dani Rusirawan


Storage-Integrated Hybrid Renewable Energy Optimization to Reduce Intermittency in Weak Grids

Bimo Adi Kusumo


Characteristic of Taperless Blade Wind Turbine

Muhammad Haekal andDani Rusirawan


Off-grid Renewable Energy Program for Sustainable Rural Electrification

Ilyas Taufiqurrohman


Study of Hybrid "Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine" System Using Homer Program for Regional Cidahu Central -District Kuningan

Agus Adi Nursalim and Dani Rusirawan