The 2nd Faculty of Industrial Technology International Congress (FoITIC 2020)

The 2nd Faculty of Industrial Technology International Congress (FoITIC 2020)

“Toward Industry 4.0: Challenges and Opportunities for Industrial Technology and Other Sector”

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Dr. Martino Luis The University of Exeter – United Kingdom
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ISBN 978-623-7525-37-0

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Table Of Content

Preface: The Rector of Itenas Bandung
Preface: The Dean of Faculty of Industrial Technology/ Chairman of FoITIC2020
Keynote and invited speaker International Conference


Recent Achievements in Solar thermal and Photovoltaic Energy Applications

István Farkas


Energy Management Strategy for Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery and Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) on 3-wheel Hybrid Electric Car Equipped with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

D. R. Harahap, Wei-Chin Chang, S. Ariyono


Effect of Nanofluid Concentration on the Performance of PV/T Collector Under the Tropical Climate Conditions of Indonesia

Amrizal, Muhammad Irsyad, Amrul,nAgung Nugroho, Miftahul Aziz


Potential of Glycerol and Derivatives Based on Palm Oil as a Green Solvent

Syifa Tiara Saskia Mulya, Maria Agustina Rani Findriyani, Nugroho Adi Sasongko


Feasibility Study of Thermoelectric Generator Configuration in Electricity Generation

W. Priharti, M. Ramdhani, F.R.J. Putra, A. Khansalya


Pressure Reducing Station Design for Small Scale Business from 200 bar to 2 bar Pressure

Pratomo Setyadi


Enhancing the Nickel Recovery of Morowali Nickel Laterite in Atmospheric Citric Acid Leaching

Feby Aryanhi, Regna Tri Jayanti


Particle Size Analysis of Morowali Nickel Laterite on Atmospheric Citric Acid Leaching

Wirawan, Regna Tri Jayanti


Effect of Agitation Speed and Leaching Time for Nickel Recovery of Morowali Limonite Ore in Atmospheric Citric Acid Leaching

Regna Tri Jayanti, Yusdianto


Specimen Test Making of Polypropylene High Impact (PPHI) Polimer Composite Reinforced with Natural Fibres using Hand Lay-Up Methods

Nuha D. Anggraeni, Alfan E. Latief, Ramadhan L. Tawadha, and Rifki R. R.